The Solution

VMS is lead generation at its most advanced. It combines smart technology, bespoke content, powerful data and access to an unmatched B2B audience. VMS is part of GlobalData, a powerful network of data, intelligence and media businesses. GlobalData’s 30+ industry-leading B2B sites attract up to 19 million visitors every month.

Our five-stage methodology delivers an informed acquisition strategy and ensures return from your marketing spend.


With access to over 500,000 companies through GlobalData’s database which spans 16 sectors, we work with you to identify the profiles of your ideal customers.


Our team of experienced content strategists, editors and creatives work with you to devise a storytelling campaign that engages your target audience. Access to unique data and business insight – combined with content consumption analytics – allow us to create a highly focused strategy that resonates with your prospects.


We work with you to scope and agree the most effective content and distribution strategy, based on a winning combination of your knowledge and our content and publishing craft, powered by our unique propensity modelling driven content plans.


Our 30+ B2B media sites cover a massive range of industries, sectors and professions. Advanced analytics detect when a prospect visits one of the sites and seamlessly incorporates your content into their user experience. We can also publish content across your own channels or create powerful content platforms for your business.


Prospects are individually tracked and taken on a user journey that leads to educated and qualified leads. State of the art tracking technology turns anonymous visitors into identifiable prospects. Real-time notifications and an intuitive dashboard mean you are always in control. Firmographics provide at-a-glance data on the lead’s business, giving the knowledge and insight to start new business conversations with confidence.