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VMS is the cutting-edge solution that enables clients to identify, target and engage with prospects.

1 _ How it works

VMS is an integral part of GlobalData, a powerful network of data, intelligence and media businesses. Our 30+ industry-leading B2B sites attracts up to 19 million visitors every month.

We use AI-driven technology to connect you with the right people within this audience, in a way that appeals and resonates with them.

With access to over 500,000 companies through GlobalData’s database which spans 16 sectors, our consultants will build the perfect list of prospects to target.

Our team of journalists then create the perfect story for you to tell to your audience. Our AI-driven technology then pinpoints your prospects and targets them with the content that they are most likely to engage positively with. This intelligent, hyper-targeted content delivery drives engagement with the right prospects and produces the perfect lead for your business.

Enriched by unmatched company data, our dashboards give your sales teams the knowledge they need to start conversations and turn leads into customers. Our lead nurturing programme warms leads up to ensure that your sales team are focusing on the right leads at the right time.

VMS provides a complete solution including strategy development, audience identification, tailored content creation and performance analytics.

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By using insights we draw from GlobalData’s 18 intelligence centers and our powerful companies database that tracks over 500,000 businesses worldwide, we will recommend exactly who you should be targeting and content those targets will be most interested in.

Our automated technology, data analysts and researchers combine to generate over 1 billion data points daily, allowing us to draw on unrivalled real-time insights from all around the world.


We help you tailor your content to the interests of your ideal target customers. And if you don't have the right content, we can create it for you. Our network of over 800 journalists and analysts worldwide, are all specialists in their sectors and all highly skilled at creating interesting and engaging content to appeal to your audience.

Technology, content and intelligence combine to deliver marketing ROI

AI-enabled Prospect Identification

Content Based Engagement

Leads Generated and Performance Tracked

Leads Qualified & Nurtured

Leads Handed to Client & Enriched with Data

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02 _ Our Clients

We help grow the businesses of some of the world's biggest B2B brands and most innovative companies

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03 _ About Us

VMS is a GlobalData business, giving it access to best-in-class technology, unmatched data and audience reach.

GlobalData employs 3,500 developers, data scientists, analysts, journalists, editors and researchers, working in 23 offices worldwide and serving 4,500 clients in over 160 countries.

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Discover how VMS can automate your prospecting while improving the quality of lead generation.

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05 _ Contact Us

Verdict Media Strategies is part of Global Data PLC, which operates across a global network of offices. Our headquarters are in London.