Case Study: Abacus Medicine Pharma Services

Partner content by Melissa Lane Porter 17th December 2021

“We needed help starting the conversation — these are senior level people where we couldn’t just pick up the phone and talk to them. Email marketing campaigns weren’t giving us the leads we were looking for. “


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Andrew Waiton is Marketing Manager for Abacus Medicine Pharma Services, the healthcare and pharma services division of parent company Abacus Medicine.

Abacus Medicine Pharma Services services include clinical trial solutions, unlicensed medicines, managed access programs and commercial partnerships. They were interested in lead generation for the Clinical Trial Solutions (CTS) service.

‘I heard about VMS through three colleagues who flagged it as a professional, clever way of generating leads with our target audience.’

The Story of Andrew Waiton

 “We needed help starting the conversation – these are senior people where we just couldn’t pick up the phone and talk to them. Email marketing campaigns weren’t giving us the leads we were looking for.

 It’s a very competitive market and developing relationships with companies to provide their clinical trial comparators is difficult, especially in the environment that the Covid-19 pandemic created, where face to face meetings are impossible.”

Josh Jones (Andrew’s Account Manager) : With Abacus Medicine Pharma Services, the lead time for clinical trial comparators can be 6-12 months between initial contact and conversion. That said they only need 2-3 leads to be converted and this project is paid for with interest.”

Andrew Waiton, Abacus Medicine Pharma Services: “Content is important to attract the right audience, but we didn’t have the resources to do that in-house.  Alongside VMS, Verdict has expert medical writers who can generate high quality content independently, or in partnership with our subject matter experts.”

What is VMS?

VMS uses the latest AI to position content on Verdict’s established journalistic websites. It targets specific audiences by job title to over 500,000 companies spanning six sectors.

The audience on Pharma Tech and Clinical Trials Arena websites alone has a combined readership of over 30million- the largest in the marketplace.

VMS includes strategy development, audience identification, tailored content creation and performance analytics.

Why Abacus Medicine Pharma Services Chose VMS

“We chose to try VMS because it uses Articifical Intelligence to place content on established journalistic websites that our target audience are already reading. There’s a huge difference to me between leads and quality leads.”

How it Works

Industry leading content is created and positioned in front of individuals with the job titles/companies that a client requests.

Andrew Waiton, Abacus Medicine Pharma Services: “I also liked that VMS was offered by Verdict.” (Verdict is a sister company of GlobalData-one of the largest market intelligence companies in the world.)

The VMS Dashboard

Andrew Waiton, Abacus Medicine Pharma Services: “The VMS dashboard gave us a snapshot of the companies that have visited our microsite recently and which regions they are in, which is useful when reporting to the management team.

We used VMS primarily for targeted lead generation- the information that comes through when people have downloaded gated assets, such as a whitepaper or case study.

I collated the leads and sent an email thanking them for their interest and introducing them to a relevant member of the Business Development team. It’s a natural, effective way to build business relationships.”

The Content

Josh Jones (Andrew’s Account Manager): “We created content for Andy with a commercial journalism team, and a data journalism team for more complex articles where we leveraged data from GlobalData. “

Andrew Waiton, Abacus Medicine Pharma Services: “The articles themselves are brilliant, one of the Verdict writers I’ve been working with recently can turn complicated information into a beautifully scripted piece of narrative.

 It’s amazing because it’s quite detailed stuff, and I think with the last article we did, we didn’t have one single change required, and this was after just a half hour conversation with our Business Development guy.”

The Results:

Andrew Waiton, Abacus Medicine Pharma Services: “Previous email campaigns have made it very clear that the people that we need to do business with do not respond to outbound emails.  However, they do have the time and interest to visit specific websites and read articles. This was the opportunity that we saw in VMS.

Since April 12th the combination of the Pharmaceutical Technology website and the articles written by your writing team have generated >100 leads.”

Josh Jones (Andrew’s Account Manager): “Out of all the marketing activities Abacus Medicine Pharma Services has engaged in, this is the one that’s produced the most correct leads, another solution might get him a thousand leads, if they’re all the wrong people, they’re not useful to him.”

Andrew Waiton, Abacus Medicine Pharma Services: “A couple of memorable leads-one is a brand new company who saw our article at just the right time. We’re now in discussion with them to provide comparator drugs.

Another is a clinical research organization who we’ve been trying to get an audience with. Several people from the company found us on VMS and downloaded our whitepaper.”

“The interest and the results we’ve had are great. This is the best form of lead generation we’ve seen yet. It just doesn’t normally happen that quickly…” Andrew Waiton, Abacus Medicine Pharma Services

For AI-driven technology to connect with the right audience, in a way that appeals and resonates with them, get in touch with a member of our Verdict team for a VMS demo. VMS is a GlobalData business, giving it unmatched data and audience reach.

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