15th May 2023

“We have, for the first time really, been seeing what is possible.” -Ingrid Coyle, MEDELPHARM

Ingrid Coyle, Director of Corporate Business Development & Communication at the company MEDELPHARM , a compaction simulator technology and data acquisition software company that becamea part of KORSCH group at the end of 2022.

Coyle spoke to us about their 2022 VMS campaign including their goals for brand awareness and lead generation, strategies, and campaign results.

MEDELPHARM created a list of target companies to reach, and further VMS targeting ensured they were aware of every potential prospect match in the countries and positions that they wished to engage with.

“ That we asked for the leads of all the key players in research and development from Europe to India, SE Asia and the Americas etc., and the VMS people could deliver; that’s pretty amazing I must say.” -Ingrid Coyle , MEDELPHARM 2022 Campaign

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