Our technology enables you to identify and target the most influential leaders in your sector

Our influencer platform uses a unique algorithm to define who the leading social media influencers in any given marketplace are by analysing millions of profiles. This gives you access to the most important influencers in your industry today.

Gain in-depth insight into the top influencers in your sphere, covering their professional background, areas of expertise, and current topics of interest.

We’ll not only identify who the biggest influencers are in your industry, we’ll also tell you how to engage with them. Our unique algorithm gathers deep insight into the latest emerging trends in your industry, covering three megatrends and multiple sub-trends.
This enables you to tailor your content around influencer interest areas, in real time, giving you a competitor advantage.

Our influencer software equips you and your business development team with real-time, in-depth, valuable information using cutting edge AI-driven intelligence.