Case Study: Delbag

17th December 2021

“The content was well written and listed on journalistic sites that had millions of readers. And the VMS dashboard captured leads we would not have known about if we tried to do this a different way.”

Thorsten Stoffel, is the Product Manager for DELBAG Air Filtration. DELBAG offers a range of over 2,000 air filter products for a range of non-residential commercial applications, and unique filter systems mainly for processing air and exhaust. These air filter systems are commonly used in applications for buildings, air conditioning, ventilation, industrial manufacturing, medical and life science, automotive manufacturing, turbomachinery, and power generation.

Thorsten Stoffel, DELBAG: My business includes the strategic alignment of indoor HVAC air filtration, air intake filters for turbo machinery, as well as process air filtration used in industrial manufacturing. We needed to get our message across to our target audiences, and to expand our digital presence internationally.

This was already a priority to me before we hit the pandemic, but with less events taking place, increasing our digital footprint quickly became more important than ever. Specifically, we wanted to make DELBAG known beyond Central and Western Europe.

Account Manager Joe Roberts: DELBAG sells air filters. It’s not inherently fancy or flashy, but it’s a very important product. We discussed expanding DELBAG’s digital footprint through a range of informative yet engaging content. The idea was to communicate its technical merits into a variety of VMS formats.

What is VMS?

VMS is a marketing solution that uses the latest AI to position content on Verdict established journalistic websites. These digital publications have an established readership of over 30 million. VMS can micro target decision makers and specific audiences by job title including over 500,000 companies globally.

Our analysts, data scientists, award-winning journalists and technology specialists take complex information and create engaging content journeys.

Why DELBAG chose VMS?

Thorsten Stoffel, DELBAG:  Verdict and GlobalData have a strong presence in power technology and my teams were already utilising their business intelligence to win tenders and participate in public offerings. We had 8-9 years of experience with their brand. We thought that VMS could also help us build the DELBAG brand through content creation and targeted distribution.

Verdict has high profile editors who knew how to put content together about a somewhat bland product and make it into an interesting article. So that was the first pain point it helped with.

Account Manager Joe Roberts: Verdict was already reaching 3.7 decision makers annually, including CEOs and individuals from a range of management levels in companies around the world. We felt we could help Thorsten with the right content leveraged across a range of digital publications that were read by key industry decision makers.

The VMS Dashboard:

VMS includes strategy development, audience identification, tailored content creation and real-time performance analytics that enables you to access your leads via a reporting dashboard.

Thorsten Stoffel, DELBAG: VMS helped us with distribution and lead generation that came from the content downloads. The VMS dashboard has in-depth information about the companies themselves, so we could see who was reading our content, their geographical location and detailed information about their company. It gave us a qualified way to reach out to professionals who have demonstrated an interest in our products.

“The content was well written and listed on journalistic sites that had millions of readers. And the VMS dashboard captured leads we would not have known about if we tried to do this a different way.”

The Content:

Thorsten Stoffel, DELBAG: The editors wrote a lead article for a scientific journal on filtration and COVID. We’ve also done case studies and interviews about industry trends or problems that we’ve solved for the customer. They helped us to create well designed case studies, including pictures of on-site installations.

The team of editors are professionals, even though not they’re filtration experts. Whether integrating a piece of information about a new product or understanding our case studies, they have a very good way of rephrasing and reshaping information into an article.

Joe Roberts: Thorsten’s other goal was to find out how his company was seen in the industry, and what their target audience looked for in an air filtration device. We discussed polls as a potential solution.

Verdict Polls & Surveys:

Verdict Polls & Surveys are strategically designed to take the pulse of business leaders on issues of importance within the industry. The Polls & Surveys Dashboard provides valuable insights on topics of interest and shows how perceptions on these topics have changed over time.

This interactive content format helps to inform marketing campaigns and business development strategies.

Joe Roberts: We created simple surveys for DELBAG where we asked a couple of very specific questions to people outside of their customer base to find out what their target audience was looking for when making purchasing decisions about filtration systems. The answers were surprising, and they helped to develop Thorsten’s strategies.

The Poll Results:

Thorsten Stoffel, DELBAG: Joe organised a market poll for us, which enabled us to have a better perspective of our target audience. In three intelligent questions, put in the right order, you can actually get much more information then by asking 10 questions. So that’s been really helpful.  

The intention at the beginning was to have 250 responses. I didn’t think we were going to get to 50 responses because this is filtration we’re talking about. Today is actually the very last day of the poll, and we have 350 responses- which is way beyond what we expected.

What’s also interesting is that we thought the most important factor in purchasing a filter was price. Our sales team was convinced. And though price was ranked at the top, our target audience are also currently prioritising ‘service life of the filter’ and ‘energy consumption’.

This really helped us with our sales and marketing strategy. The polls also provided insight into ideal opportunities for consumer touchpoints, such as reminders about when it’s time to change their filter.

The Verdict Team:

Thorsten Stoffel, DELBAG: The Verdict team are all extremely helpful and easygoing. They listened to what I had to say and had a great way of capturing it and making it widely understood. And the translation to French and German was very easy. It was also pleasing to have such a wide range of formats such as whitepapers, interviews, case studies and polls. Their team has a specialist for every single format.

The VMS Results:

Thorsten Stoffel, DELBAG: By looking at the number of downloads we’re getting and the number of registrants for webinars through the VMS campaign, we can see that this has been a success. The content downloads reflect a lot more international attention than we’ve had previously. I’m very satisfied with the way that Verdict works because we’ve begun to create an international digital footprint.

For AI-driven technology to connect with the right audience, in a way that appeals and resonates with them, get in touch with a member of our Verdict team for a VMS demo.