Case Study: Hog Technologies

17th December 2021

“We’re a very niche market, and are kind of a tough nut to crack, especially when we’re talking about airport technology because we’re targeting just a handful of people in each country that handle the contracts.”

The Story of Hog Technologies

Adam Baldwin is VP of Marketing for Hog Technologies, which has produced the award-winning road marking removal system, Stripe Hog® along with a full range of roadway solutions for airports and highways. Founded in 1988 by James P Crocker, the Stripe Hog pavement marking and runway rubber removal system now operates in 56 countries around the world.

A Snapshot of Hog Technologies

Adam Baldwin, VP of Marketing, Hog Technologies: “Our owner James is always pushing for innovation. Whether it’s marketing or engineering, he doesn’t like solving problems the same way everyone else does. When events shut down he challenged me to build a film studio. That might sound odd for a road technology company, but this is a company that solves problems. We built three different types of sets for different types of filming.

We use them for webinars and for an education series, Hog Tech University. Hog Tech is offered not just to our customers but to our employees on everything from the equipment, to life skills, to finance and more. The idea is to give back to people who are giving us their time.”

The Challenge

Airport image, airplane

Adam Baldwin, Hog Technologies: “We’re a very niche market, and are kind of a tough nut to crack, especially when we’re talking about airport technology because we’re targeting just a handful of people in each country that handle the contracts.”

Joe Roberts, Account Manager:For road and highway Hog Technologies currently have trucks in 56 countries. They wanted additional content that targeted road and airport markets and demonstrated the value of their product to the right audience. They also wanted to be introduced to new airports and new opportunities outside the US.”

Adam Baldwin, Hog Technologies: “Airports typically are government regulated and budgeted. Which means that any piece of equipment for any project goes through a lengthier approvals process than a privately owned business. 

We’ve achieved a fair amount of success in the US- I would say domestically here 93% of the airports that are large enough to own a water blaster own a Stripe Hog. We were looking to expand our brand further internationally. We use VMS for our airport and road technology.”

What is VMS?

VMS is a marketing solution that uses the latest AI to position content on Verdict established journalistic websites. These B2B websites are extensive, covering a range of industry verticals including technology, financial services, defense, professional services, media agencies, healthcare, energy and pharma. These digital publications have an established readership of over 30 million.

VMS can micro target decision makers and specific audiences by job title including over 500,000 companies globally. Our analysts, data scientists, award-winning journalists and technology specialists take complex information and create engaging content journeys.

The Content

Adam Baldwin, Hog Technologies: “We didn’t just want a bunch of self-promotional copy on our website. Anyone can brag about themselves on their own sites. We wanted something to bring validity and brand awareness to our equipment. The Verdict team worked with us to create content on relevant topics and trends, while demonstrating how we solved problems.”

Joe Roberts, Account Manager:VMS used AI to position this content on the publications that their target audience were reading. This included publications such as Airport Technology, which has a readership in the millions.”

Adam Baldwin, Hog Technologies: “Verdict already had the audience we were looking to engage with. We chose them because we needed to work with a company who has access to key decision makers in our industry. If we put articles that those decision makers want to read on journalistic publications they were already engaged with, then it seemed like a win-win.”

The Account Management

Joe Roberts, Account Manager: “I thought VMS could help tell the story behind Hog Technology, while solving a problem for their target audience with relevant industry content.”

Adam Baldwin, Hog Technologies: “Joe has been a great rep, he’s more like a friend. He stays on top of the campaigns- he knows I’m spinning so many different plates and he’ll step in and say we’re going to write this article, can we interview one of your sales reps so we can take care of the content? It takes some of the pressure off our content manager.

Also, it’s then sent over to me and if anything doesn’t feel 100% accurate it gets adjusted. I appreciate that I don’t have to write all of the content and come up with all the ideas.”

The VMS Dashboard

Activity across all the sites is tracked in real time. Your dashboard will tell you which companies are engaging with your content, as well as the location, size, turnover, sector, key personnel and deal information from these companies. This at-a-glance information shows you which content is engaging which audiences so you can develop your strategy and increase effectiveness.

Adam Baldwin, Hog Technologies: “The VMS dashboard provides a complete profile and geographical location of the companies that are downloading our content. That visibility is important to us. When content was downloaded, we received leads via our VMS dashboard.”

The Results:

Adam Baldwin, Hog Technologies: “We not looking for thousands of people- we’re looking for key people and I think that’s where Verdict comes through for us. They help us to see who’s interested in our equipment and the dashboard enables us to follow-up on leads.

I’ve already seen some great activity simply by forwarding the leads coming into our European rep- he’s got great follow ups and his foot in the door with a lot of different individuals.

It’s about casting the right net to bring in the right leads and I think Verdict helps you do that.”

For AI-driven technology to connect with the right audience, in a way that appeals and resonates with them, get in touch with a member of our Verdict team for a VMS demo. VMS is a GlobalData business, giving it unmatched data and audience reach.

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