We achieve results using our AI-driven content management software

Our ground-breaking AI–driven software provides you with granular insight on the audience both reading and engaging with your content, enabling you to build measurable campaigns.

Our AI-driven technology creates your own personalized Verdict Intelligence dashboard. This enables you to access key information and metrics on who is engaging with your content. Information is gathered on each user in real-time, and includes: company, industry, location, company turnover and company employee numbers, alongside the content that they are visiting most frequently. A unique ID can be attributed to users allowing you to attribute your lead and booking data.

This can be broken down into a granular level as you dig deeper into the companies consuming your data.

  • What are your competitors reading?
  • What information are your hot sales leads accessing most frequently and when?
  • Are your marketing and business development teams aligned?

The Verdict Intelligence dashboard provides actionable sales intelligence and a clear ROI for all content produced.